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Turbulent flow created in slowly moving water can guide downstream migrating fish away from hazards and toward bypasses. Downstream migrating fish evolved to follow turbulent river currents for outmigration. River regulation, however, has created slack-water areas at dams that reduce their migratory cues, slowing migration, while flows to a variety of water diversions (hydropower turbines, irrigation canals, pumping stations) can misdirect migrants to hazardous areas. We have a tested and proven hydraulic system for inducing currents to guide juvenile salmon and other species that could be applied to migration through low-current zones and direct then to safe migration routes or collection devices. Years of testing in the field have resulted in proof of concept.

So far, all the solutions to issues of safe and effective fish passage that have been tried have been extremely expensive, require costly maintenance, or have resulted in unacceptable (or barely acceptable) levels of fish mortality. But NATURAL SOLUTIONS . . . A DAM SITE - BETTER! LLC (NATURAL SOLUTIONS) has created a safer and more cost-effective alternative - a natural solution.

Our patented Flow Velocity Enhancement System (FVES) generates mildly turbulent, river-like water flows that guide fish where you want them to go. When you need a directed flow, NATURAL SOLUTIONS is there.

In the process of developing and testing the Flow Velocity Enhancement System, we discovered other valuable and practical uses. For example, the FVES can divert aquatic debris away from intake units at hydroelectric plants. Or guide juveniles subject to intake mortality during low tide conditions... The key in either challenge? Directed flow. The Flow Velocity Enhancement System.

If you have an aquatic problem that seems to have no practical, cost effective solution, contact NATURAL SOLUTIONS.


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Our patented system creates a natural current, or directed flow in bodies of water that attract and guide juvenile and adult fish.

The FVES has  a demonstrated ability to deflect aquatic mats, wood, and other debris away from cold-water intake screens at power plants.

NATURAL SOLUTIONS can deliver innovative solutions for fish guidance, fish passage, and debris management or mitigation.

The FVES guides migrating fish through bypasses built around dams or other barriers. Our patented method replicates natural river beds, with water falls, shelves and undercut embankments. A natural river bypass provides the optimum solution for migrating fish populations, cost-effectively, while allowing power plants to focus on power generation.